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Nash Chod-Link 20LB / 25LB
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20 meter

Verkrijgbaar in 20lb 0.45mm en 25lb 0.50mm


Some anglers consider the chod to be a ‘chuck it and catch’ tactic, but as is often the case, attention to detail can turn a mediocre method into an exceptional one. An aggressively curved chod hook link for example is a much more effective hooker than a straight or slightly angled 
materials that we’ve tested just don’t have enough memory to effectively hold a decent curve, others have poor abrasion resistance and knot strength. 
Diffusion Camo Chodlink has been specifically designed to overcome all of these issues, there are 0.45mm 20lb b/s and 0.50mm 25lb b/s variations available, both materials have an excellent memory and benefit from exceptional abrasion resistance and knot strength. 

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